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Tripadvisor review from a Dutch guest dated November 21, 2011

The moment I stepped into the entryway of the Haagsche Suites with it’s sweeping staircase and beautiful decorated dark and elegant walls, I knew I had found the place to host the First Ever Boudoir Party Experience in The Hague! Guido had everything beautiful prepared and presented for the women and the space was perfect for such an intimate event. The next morning we were presented with a beautiful breakfast spread of fresh pastries, signature fruit bowls and a cheese & charcuterie plate. It was the perfect ending to an elegant event. I cannot wait to return!

Verbleef November, 2011, bezocht voor zaken
5 van 5 sterren Waarde
5 van 5 sterren Locatie
5 van 5 sterren Slaapkwaliteit
5 van 5 sterren Kamers
5 van 5 sterren Hygiƫne
5 van 5 sterren Service

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